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Hosting a brand new collection of 11 tracks by the extended IR family, this album ventures everywhere from Digital Hardcore and NoiseGrind, to Ambient Drone and Downtempo, and makes plenty of stops along the way.
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Featured Music


BZRRO BassPunk strikes once again! This time he brings a collection of friends along for the ride. Featuring a brand new track by the Mutant Bassmaster himself, “Kadavergesellschaft” is one of his hardest offerings yet. Remixed by the likes of Hyperdriver, Trash.Eater, and a slew of motley musicians, This EP is definitely a great choice for any fan of harsh breaks. pounding bass, and deranged melodies.



Discordant Dreams                                TrAcer 3ffect
Dissonant, Atmospheric, Industrial. These are the sounds of Proto-Tyrant. Hosting a varied palette of chaotic Clanks and Klangs, woven seamlessly into an array of breaks and soundscapes, Proto-Tyrant creates a somber beauty from rust and filth. This dual EP release by Industriestandard newcomer Proto-Tyrant marks him as an excellent addition to the IR family.



Bass n’ Breaks veteran BZRRO BassPunk returns with a brand new release! Professionally mastered, this live production set from his recent gig at Venster 99 comes in at 1:06:49.
Providing a continuous barrage of his unique Mutant Breakcore sound,  “Live Vienna 2k18” also introduces a heavier refinement of BZRRO’s traditional style.

When it comes to harsh breaks, mutilating bass, and brutal atmospherics, few hold a candle to tRash.eAter. A machine fueled by the excretions of pop culture and modern society,  “mAnIf3sTo” functions as a sample-based database of human history. Featuring everything from historic operas and vintage radio ads, to cinematic monologues and presidential speeches, no audio is exempt from the sonic onslaught of tRash.eAter.


This 5 track E.P. by ILLtech The Cutter features some of his B-sides and rarities from the past few years, and serves as a perfect introduction to the IR Family. “My True North” travels the dividing line between Breakcore and Dub, venturing out from Dancehall origins. Combining his abilities as a turntablist and producer, ILLtech carves a spot for himself in all genres of the Underground Bass scene.


AnarcoNoiseRap for the apocalypse, brought to you by the one and only FABIOROSHO. A Circuit-bending madman from Italy with a track record full of punishing releases, Fabio finds a common thread between Hip-Hop, Industrial, Punk, and Atmospherics, then masterfully solders them into a cacophony of insane rhythms and vocals.


Digital Hardcore veterans Ri0t_viRus have dropped a new album! A collaboration between IndustrieStandard and the legendary D-Trash Records, the groups latest effort takes aim at the Economic Elite, and anybody else who would wish to control the masses. It’s time to stand strong, unite, and oppose the oppression. “Resistance Is Fertile” is the perfect soundtrack for the revolution.


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