Members: Opi Synthetique (programming/instrumentation)

Genre: Psybient/Downtempo/Chill

Location: Midwest, United States

Bio: Absynth3ticA began in 2008 when Opi Synthetique discovered his love for music designed to encourage deep thinking and take the listener on a philosophical journey. With those goals in mind, he set out to craft soundscapes and ambiance that could manifest visions within the listener. Driven by flowing melodies, abstract structure, breath-taking sub bass, and captivating percussion, Absynth3ticA is truly a wonder.

Absynth3ticA – “0rgAnic_3missi0ns” EP
Absynth3ticA – “dAtaSph3re: Disc 1” LP
Absynth3ticA – “dAtaSph3re: Disc 2” LP