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Members: Opi Synthetique(programming/vocals),  tw33q (guitar), Glitch333 (live sampling/programming)

Genre: Digital Hardcore/Industrial Punk

Location: Midwest, United States

Bio: Hailing from the Midwest, Ri0t_viRus was born to fuse the charged social and political aggression of Hardcore Punk with the mechanical dissonance and use of sampling in Industrial.

Sending a message of unity in the face of oppression, the group aims to fuel change amongst the people. Antifascist in nature, Ri0t_viRus stands in direct opposition to anyone or anything that would impose it’s will on others in this digital era.

Utilizing fast guitar-driven songs in tandem with shout-along vocals to create revolution music and induce rioting, Ri0t_viRus covers topics such as pharmaceutical drug addiction, social injustice, and corporate greed, focusing on real issues that plague our world today. Following in the footsteps of early Junglists and Breakcore artists, the group never comes up short when delivering a healthy dose of distorted rhythms and crushing noise.

If you enjoy the soothing sounds of civil unrest and mass uprising, you can find what you’re looking for in every Ri0t_viRus track. Acting as a voice for the voiceless, Ri0t_viRus follows one simple philosophy, “Music is our most powerful weapon”.

 Known for their extreme performances and onstage antics, such as getting smoked bombed mid-song and dropping their gas masks, and beating on steel barrels with screwdrivers… The group never fails to captivate their audience.

Ri0t_viRus – “Am3rica.Syndr0m3” EP
Ri0t_viRus – “Resistance Is Fertile” LP

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