Members: Opi Synthetique (Programming)

Genre:  Hardstyle/ Hardcore/ DnB/ Jungle/ Dubstep/ ElectroHouse/Etc.

Location: Midwest, United States

Bio: Opi Synthetique first began producing and DJing more dance oriented styles of music under the moniker “Zyn_Envy” in early 2008. Wanting to dabble in various genres of electronic music without cluttering up the themes of his other projects, “Zyn_Envy became an outlet for a variety uptempo styles”.  WIth a focus on Hardstyle, Jungle, Dubstep, and Electro House… This project definitely brings a lot to the table. Opi Synthetique’s goal has always been to shatter the notion that an artist must cling to one defined sub category of music, and he shows such ability with each new release. If you are looking for some new tracks to test your headphones, look no further.

Debut hardstyle single “Zyn_Envy – Live Forever”